See the dog sentenced to death for killing its owners

Written by on 11 April 2018

So heart breaking a news ! Instead of dogs protecting and guarding properties , they get  wild and turn their keepers into their meals. We just received information from “Jalingo” that a certain Mr Okafor Johnson and his 6year old son  were eaten up by their  angry dog. 

We were told  that, Mr Okafor left that faithful morning for a neighbouring village to attend his cousin’s traditional  wedding . Beautifully dressed that morning , as he was so excited to reach the ceremonial ground , forgot to feed the dog. Mr Okafor’s house help equally seized as opportunity and  left the house without permission from  Okafor   to visit her friend. She returned home late and received news from her neighbours the dog has been barking the whole day. Since the gates were all locked no one could find a solution . 

Immediately  she entered the house , the dog  stopped barking . She felt so comfortable and slept without giving food to the dog. Mr Okafor arrived home the next day  early  morning, so tired and stressed and got no time to check on the dog. The dog had loosen up the chains at midnight . 

After having his rest, Okafor regained some strength and called on his son for them to go check on the dog. As they approached the “cage” the angry hungry dog started barking as they opened the cage, the dog “teared” them both . Report says, the wild dog focused on okafor’s man hood and divided it into two, he suffered severe pains and gave up.His son got frightened and shocked by the incident, the angry dog caught him by the face and brutally  wounded him he gave up too . Tension mounted, and all neighbours came out to find out why the dog kept barking despite Okafor’s presence. Approaching Okafor’s gate,  saw both corpses of Okafor and son helplessly on the ground. Oh! Pathetic. May their souls rest in peace. Interestingly, a crowd gathered immediately and the dog was slaughtered and burnt.We could only get the dog’s image but if further reports on this we shall update you.

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