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Cucumber is a widely known vegetable with lots of health benefits to the body, it is the fourth most cultivated vegetables in the world. There are three kinds of cucumber namely

 Slicing,pickling and seedless

  Below are the top 5 amazing health benefits of cucumber which will make you love it even more.

  1.    Aids in Weight loss:. Eating cucumber on a daily basis help in weight loss, cucumbers are low in calories but high on nutrients.
  2.  It contains nutrients needed by the body.
  3. They are high in water and several important minerals like Amount of calories: 16, Fibre: 2grams ,Vitamin C: 14% Proteins: 2grams , Potassium : 13% 
  4. Helps in Digestive system:. They contain Fibre and water, which are needed by the digestive system.
  5.   Cucumbers are super food with plenty of health benefits, so it should be eaten on daily basis either with your food or salads.
  6.  Reduces inflammation: Cucumbers help cool inflammation response in the body, research shows cucumbers helps reduces unwanted inflammation of pro- inflammatory enzymes

Cucumbers are also made up of about 96% water 

It reduces the risk of cancer: Cucumbers contains polyphenols which helps lower the risk of cancer like Breast c, prostate ovarine cancers

 Note: Cucumbers are sprayed with pesticide, so it is good to buy organic cucumber or grow them yourself.

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