Health:How do I make my lips appetizing and attractive to my partner?

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Never touch or lick your lips. It  might feel good for the moment but once the saliva evaporates, it will leave the lips even more drier. Enzymes in saliva are delicate to your lips. How do you remove dead dry skin on the lips?

  • Warm water and put on a toothbrush and gently massage your lips to get rid of the dry skin
  • Put sugar and Vaseline on your lips then rub your lips
  • OR you use a tablespoon of honey with enough sugar until you get a body-scrub-like texture, scrub it gently on your lips with toothbrush, it makes it more smoother and healthier
  • OR you use coconut scrub on your lips and apply olive oil mixed with sugar and apply on the lips . 

    Wow!!! Great, you are now a celebrity , try it out and see if a handsome male friend will pass your way without saying Hi!!! We often neglect our lips and concentrate more on our teeth not knowing it’s the lip that brings about the beauty of the teeth.  Note should be taken that after applying the above, you look for a very high quality lip balm to make the lips more attractive and appetizing . But it makes no sense having a very attractive lip and your teeth brown, care for the teeth loading…..

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