How Resemblance made people think that a woman “Resurrected” in Mbanga.


The resurrection “Die wukop” story in Mbanga has taken another turn with another story popping up to clarify public opinion. The lady, people claim to have come back from the land of the dead is not actually the lady who died. Their resemblance is mind blowing and confusing. 

A dead lady comes back to life in Mbanga, Littoral Region after she was buried 5 years ago.

As you can see on the pic above, Corine is the name of the Lady who pulled attention is Mbanga and Ndogmo Marie is the name of the lady who died in 2013. According to reports from Equinox radio, Carine is said to be having an affair with late Ndogmo Marie’s husband. He latter then introduced her to his children as their resurrected mother. 

Convinced and happy, the kids decided to share the story with their neighbours and some family members. That’s where the story went round like wild fire. Late Ndongmo Marie’s brothers and mother confirmed that, Corine is not their relative. The dead lady and Corine are both from the west region and were operated upon.  

The SDO of Mbanga said, they were convinced by the first story.

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