How to care for your eyelashes


If you look at your natural lashes in the mirror and you wish you had a better pair without necessarily having to install false lashes, keep reading! I am going to provide you with easy tips to help achieve healthy eyelashes.


download1.   Avoid false lashes:  Don’t we just love false lashes?!.  They can give your lashes that flawless look and make your eyes pop; but unfortunately, they are not good for your natural lashes.  The glue can irritate your eyelids and if not removed properly they can pull away/ break your natural lashes, – and thats not good.



2.   Limit the use of eyelash curlers: Our natural lashes are very pretty when they are curled up and for this, a lash curler can come in handy. On the down side, frequent use of lash curlers can cause your lashes to break so it is best to limit its use. All hope is not lost, you could still get your curled up lashes using other methods such as spooning, a cotton swab, or even your hands. (comment below if want a post of how these methods can be used).

   Choose and apply mascara properly:
Choosing mascara is very important in your eyelash journey but also purchasing one you personally prefer is also important. Before application, wipe of excess mascara from the mascara wand to avoid clogged eyelashes which could lead to them breaking when it dries out. You can also use a clean mascara wand to brush out excess mascara from the eyelashes before it dries – this works too.

4.   Avoid rubbing your eyes: Dust, or a long list of other possible irritants can cause your eyes to itch and most times the first reaction is to rub our eyelids. This is not the healthy way to go if you want you eyelashes strong and healthy. Try gently tapping your eyelids next time they get irritated

5.   Remove your eye makeup: Make it a habit to always remove your eye makeup completely using an eye makeup remover of your choice (I recommend you choose one which is alcohol free) and a cotton pad.

6.   Moisturize: Body and face moisturization is done every time, but we either forget or just neglect to moisturize our eyelashes. Every evening before going to bed, after all makeup has been removed from your eyes including the lashes; vaseline (petroleum jelly or any brand of preference) should be applied gently on your eyelash roots and the entire eyelash. This helps to keep it moisturized, enhances growth and prevents breakage. Apart from vaseline, castor oil, sweet almond oil or olive oil can be applied too. 

7.   Healthy living: Endeavor to eats lots of fruits and vegetables and drink alot of water. This helps with your over all hair growth and skin.


My name is saskia aleseh, makeup artist and also an e-kwat content provider.

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