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1 percent of your day is equivalent to 15 minutes.

“Can you give 1% of your day to exercise?” I am not asking this.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is.

“Give me 15 minutes a day. That is 1 percent of your day. All I’m asking is that you do something for your health and fitness” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Just 1 % of your day. Yes, you read it right.

So you are caught up in your day-to-day routine? A hamster wheel kind of a routine wherein you forever seem to make plans to set aside time for exercising but are always out of time. Exercising takes a lot of time, right? “And I really don’t have time to go to the gym,” you reason and convince yourself. So, you continue with your old ways, piling on the fat, munching on the junk, and making up excuses for not being fit.  —- Not anymore!

Welcome to the oldest and still the most effective kind of training that you can give to your body. Bodyweight training, that too in just 15 minutes every day. Now, this might sound hard to believe but if you don’t trust me, trust Arnold. You will be amazed with what you can do with just 15 minutes every day. In case you still need more reassurance about the benefits of bodyweight training, let’s just say it has been in vogue for the last…ummm…3000 years or so. From Spartans to Romans to US Navy Seals, bodyweight training has been an integral part of the daily workout of each of them. Squats, lunges, pushups, planks and jumping jacks are just a few of the numerous bodyweight exercises that you can do.

WATCH EXERCISE EXAMPLES BELOW: Video source Doviesworkout, trainer for footballer Adebayor. (You can find more videos on his platform and more exercise programs/ plans online.)

Why bodyweight training?

It is free – Well, one of the most obvious reasons for starting bodyweight training is that nothing beats something that comes free of cost and you can do these exercises just about anywhere from your hotel room to your neighborhood park. After all, you just need your body and no external equipment. So, say goodbye to expensive gym memberships.

It is suitable for beginners and the experienced alike – Did you think bodyweight training was only for beginners? Well, welcome to reality. Even veteran gym rats sweat it out while doing advanced versions of bodyweight training. The best part about bodyweight training is that you can tweak the exercises according to your fitness levels. Did you know there are more than 50 versions of pushups and more than 40 types of bodyweight squats?

It is better than cardio – Bodyweight exercises involve compound movements, which basically means there are multiple movements of muscle groups happening at the same time, which in turn help you burn more calories faster than just a cardio exercise such as running.

You can burn fat faster – Compared to traditional workouts, bodyweight circuit training boosts your metabolism and this in turn helps you burn your body fat faster. Bodyweight circuit training consists of high intensity exercises that are done with little or no rest in between. So, when you complete one exercise after another without stopping, you build muscles and also do a cardiovascular workout.

You will gain core strength and flexibility – At least 29 muscles build up the core of your body and the core doesn’t consist of just your abs. There are many bodyweight exercises which can be used to engage all these muscles. This in turn will help you increase your overall flexibility and fitness.

So, you see that there are some compelling reasons for you to leave your couch and start working out. But keep in mind that only working out is not enough. The best exercises in the world can’t do anything if they are not complemented by a proper diet. So, keep the following things in mind:

Pay attention to what you eat – Whatever goes inside your mouth will show itself around your waist. Keep this in mind and eat organic food as much as possible. Fruits, vegetables, lean meat and fish in place of soda, coke, burgers and French fries. Your diet is the key to 70% of your success.

Warm up and cool down before and after every workout – Never ever forget to warm up before starting your workout.  If you are hard pressed for time, you can cut down on your workout time but never give your warm-up a miss. You can do a few sit-ups, pushups or some skipping anything to get your heart rate up and sweat it out a little.

Similarly, never forget to cool down and stretch after you are done with your workout.

Start bodyweight training now. You have no excuse to be lazy now.


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