“…if I didn’t decide to settle down with my wife, no body would come up to sabotage me.” Frank Sire reacts to accusation that he scammed a single mother. 

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Some days back, we wrote an article gotten from Kinnaka’s blog that one of cameroon’s top actor, Frank Sire scammed a single mother  base in the United State thousands of Dollars. The information has been going  viral online especially on Facebook. The Kinnaka’s blog published another information that Frank Sire threatened to leak the single mum’s nude pics online.

Camer actor Frank Sire reportedly scammed a single mother, thousands  of Dollars.

After serval contacts from our team to know his own side of the story(which was in vain) Frank Sire has decided to tell his own part of the story after receiving insults from people online. Frank considers as sabotage. He said “the truth is that if i didn’t decide to settle down with my wife, nobody would have come to sabotage me”  below is his reaction  posted on his Facebook account. Read and share your thoughts 

There comes a time in life when a boy has to grow up and become a man. I have travelled to so many different countries and had different relationships. Some of my relationships were great, others were for fun, but make no mistake, every lady I dated I made my stand clear, if she chooses to believe otherwise that’s not my fault. I never saw myself settling down, until I met my wife.

Even after she showed me unconditional love, I still didn’t see myself settling down. I was still having fun playing around. However, making the decision to settle down with my wife was very easy. I realized that there is no future in the life I was living. Moreover we were in love and already building a family. Getting married to this woman is the best thing i ever did in my life. The way she’s standing beside me right now is prove of it all. 

Honestly, I know it’s had to see someone you had feelings for settle down with someone else, that I understand. Therefore, If any other lady is bitter about my decision to move on to becoming a better man, A good husband to a deserving wife and a father to my beautiful kids should come forward or like the pastor/Rev would say “forever hold your peace”. 

Because the truth is, if I hadn’t decided to settle down with my wife, nobody would have come up to sabotage me. 

I may have reacted wrongly in regards to trying to fix the scandal. For that I truly regret. And for the friends and love ones affected by this discreditable action, I promise to make it up to you. Thanks for the support.

I know many people want the flip side of the story, but am sorry that won’t come from me. I don’t want to be the one to put someone’s business out there. For those of you cursing me for mistreating a grieving mother, one day the truth will come out and it will shock you. I hope she tells the truth. I am not going to justify my action, but I have to move on to bigger and better things. #Istandwithmyfamily.

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