Images: Nkwain Carlson recounts his ordeal on the Bamenda-Akum road incident.


Should we really pray for Cameroon ?
Last night at about 9 pm I left Bamenda for Buea and about 30 minutes into the trip we were asked to alight our buses.
Thinking it was the normal control for cards which is routine along the way I went down and interesting enough all of those already down were seated.
That wasn’t a routine check it was the Ambazonian Defence Force (anti government forces) doing the stop. Being scared everyone started chopping of the Cameroon  flag off their ID cards.

The forces then passed around and asked everyone to lie facedown. At this point in time it was rainy. Our phones were collected and the front tires of the buses deflated upon their command.


We spent about 2 hours sleeping in the rain. During this time, the road leading into Bamenda behind us was blocked with the aid of a caterpillar. Soil was dug into the road and trees pushed down.
The buses of a particular agency (Amour Mezam) were isolated and destroyed using the said caterpillar.

Also one person was shot dead, he was the driver of a Toyota RAV4 suv and the reason why he was shot dead isn’t clear to me.

When they were done blocking the road they came and asked us to return to our buses where we will spend the night till morning and we start finding our ways.
You should know there are more than 30 buses held hostage and a bus contains averagely 60 persons

Right now there’s no entry in and out of Bamenda.
You might want to know where the military was, they came about an hour ago and many of us are glad they came late. Had they come earlier there would have been an exchange between the camps.
So back to the question, SHOULD WE REALLY PRAY FOR CAMEROON?

We need more than prayers for though sleeping in the rain I prayed God for protection yet I asked him if he’s really watching what’s happening….
After every set of 24 hours dies down, life becomes harder in Bamenda. How would it look like in October? Would that be the break of the Civil War which has been harbored for a long time now?

Come to think of it, there was a grandma sleeping two bodies away from me. You have baby mamas too in the rain.
Babies sleeping in an oxygen deprived car parked beyond maximum capacity and gracefully blessed with different odors. Ladies pissed on themselves.
Are prayers enough to bring peace?
I am alive, for the moment.
-Nkwain Carlson


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