Is Jovi Le Monstre revealing his Bank Statement in his New Song “20Ba”? Watch

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What if Jovi is trying to tell us that he doesn’t have less than 20 Million frs CFA in his Bank account. For those who don’t know, “Ba” in Mboko language or CamFrancAnglais means “Million”, that is 20ba=20 million. Since the release of “20Ba” last year, many people have been contemplating on Jovi’s Bank Statement.

Many reason were brought up to support the claim that Jovi’s Bank account is heavy. For example, we once wrote an article about jovi and Dollon. The mboko God on October 6th 2017 twitted that, he will be announcing a partnership with one of Swiss’ best Champagne called Dollon  but  the announcement didn’t see the light of day. Seeing him brandishing the Champagne in his “20Ba” video may tempt us to say that business is fruitful.

Secondly, in the beginning of the song, jovi says “ cam for here for talk na facts..” which means he has things to reveals. He made mention that his Car is not less than 20 Million. We have never seen the Car and can’t comment on the issue but what’s certain is that Jovi is on a New Level. Wach, like and share the video Directed by the one and only Ndukong.

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