Jean kueté – “We need an overwhelming victory that would leave no doubt about the supremacy of Paul Biya”


The Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Cameroon People  Democratic Movement (CPDM), wishes a victory of Paul Biya to more than 77.99% in vote in the October 7 election.


Jean Nkueté wants a victory without appeal of Paul Biya in the presidential election of October 7th. The Secretary-General (SG) of the CPDM Central Committee was speaking on September 12 at the Yaoundé Congress hall, during a meeting of the National Commission for the supervision of the party’s campaign. For the CPDM SG, there is no room for complacency even though many domestic and international observers predict a victory for his candidate.

“We need an overwhelming victory, a victory that would leave no doubt about the supremacy of the party of flames. It is necessary to do better than in 2011, that is to say go beyond the 77, 99% of the votes that CPDM had”, 

hammered Jean kueté. 

To do this effect, he suggested that, it requires a significant mobilization on the ground. The instructions for the campaign starting September 22nd have been given. As campaign manager, monitoring commission, Jean Kuete made a point of recalling the spirit and slogans on which campaign activities should be based. These are contained in a circular of Paul Biya, national president of the party, published on August 3, organizing his campaign.

The heads of the regional and foreign commissions must conduct the campaign without arrogance or complacency as prescribed by the national president. Jean Nkueté reminds us that no election is ever won in advance, which is why he advocates a local campaign. It will be necessary to go closer to the populations, activists, voters, in the big cities but also in the hinterland. 

With more than 9,700 municipal staff (mayors, deputies and councilors), the mobilization on the ground will be more than qu’aisée. However, it will take campaign leaders to act with rigor and method, facing all threats from wherever they come without faltering. So that nothing is left to chance, Jean Nkuété instructed a permanent monitoring of the web to detect as soon as possible fake news about the party that could circulate and tarnish the campaign.


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