The Son of late Marc-Vivien Foe risks 30 years Jail Term.


The Son of a famous footballer who brutally died on a pitch, Marc Foe appeared on Monday June 4th in front of the Assize Court of Lyon, accused of armed robbery and kidnapping, almost 15 years after his father’s dead. The accused is the son of the Cameroonian international Marc-Vivien Foé, struck by a heart attack on June 26, 2003, while competing for the Confederations Cup in the same city of Lyon.

The 22-year-old was to answer for the aggression of a priest, committed in Genay (Rhône), on the night of November 28, 2015. Marc Foé admits to attacking the priest, with Sofiane Bardot, 20, his alleged accomplice , looking for a safe located in the presbytery. Bearer of a handgun, acquired few days earlier in an armory, Foé admits to having threatened, struck and handcuffed the priest.

After two hours of searching the apartment in vain, he ran after hearing the alarm but stopped by a gendarmerie patrol as he returned to the scene in search of the forgotten weapon. Beyond the facts, quite simple and recognized, for which he incurs 30 years of criminal imprisonment, the family history of Marc Foé has open debates online.  

“His father lost his life in front of cameras around the world, when he was 8. This event changed his career,” 

said his lawyer Alexandre Plantevin

Born in Lille, the young man was tossed from one country to another, from one school to another, following the career of his father. A childhood both golden and marked by the father’s figure, which rocked when the player died at the Stade Gerland.

I’ve never seen Scott aggressive at home,” 

says 42-year-old Marie-Louise Foé, at the helm, using her son’s second English name “to make the difference with his father“. An expert psychologist explains at the trial that the young man lived under strong family pressure, charged, as the eldest son, to replace the father, according to the Cameroonian culture. Under maternal pressure too, when his mother absolutely wants him to follow studies to ensure his success.

I did not bear the death of my father, I self-destruct

confessed Marc Foé to the psychologist. 

According to his mother, the boy chose rugby rather than football, in sport study, “because he is seen too often with his father”. At the same time, Marie-Louise is angry at having sent him to England to study, to extract him from bad company, and to keep him away from the family dispute over the succession of the international player.

After returning from college in London, Marc Foé was voilently hit on the skull with a baseball bat in 2011. After a coma, he had persistent sequelae, with the installation of a titanium prosthesis instead of the bones on the forehead. After a long period of rehabilitation, Marc Foé committed several delinquent acts in the Lyon region, where his mother lives. 

Marie-Louise Foé expresses her dismay at seeing her son involved in the attack of a religious official. She said her son is even a victim and she attended the church of the victim. 

He’s lost, he can not find his way back,” 

she says, persuaded that her son has been influenced and manipulated. The mother of the other accused Sofiane, almost said the samething word for word. The verdict is expected this Wednesday.

Source: BFMTV

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