Meet Ishe at the 2nd opening season of coffee concert. A show rich in sound and color ….


Ishe was in a concert this 15th September 2017 at the French institute of Libreville. The artist Ishe programmed for the opening of the second season of coffee concert opened the hostilities for live concerts organised by the French institute and the Export Office of Gabonese Music (ibogazik).

 After the first season of the series of coffee concerts organised from January to last July which went on well and succeeded to put everybody in accord, now the turn of the last start-up to close the year in beauty. The artist Ishe who hails from L’ogooué lolo more precisely a native of the town of Lastoursville which is practically not recognized of the Gabon public transported the spectators in a Musical ballad rich in cultural diversity of different horizons, from his Artistic malice Ishe showed forth his mother tongue (adouma) on the jazz rhythm, blouses and World Music.

 A Show rich in sound and color with receptive spectators, the person in charge of Culture in the French institute and the members of Ibogazik expressed their feelings and total satisfaction and estimate that the bet was won. So, a rendezvous is taken for the next coffee concert programmed for the 6th of October 2017

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