Minister Atanga Nji Paul spotted with Apostle John Chi and  other men of God in S.W. My analysis.


Tuesday the 27th of March 2018, minister Atanga Nji made a prospective visit to South West region of Cameroon to find out from some key personalities and population of the area on how they can all put an end to the crisis that was already becoming a civil war.  

 The newly appointed minister of territorial administration told denizens of the area, the Government is  ready for dialogue but what they sincerely condemn is the “segregation idea” . Mr Atanga Nji equally added that unity and oneness should be the language on everyone’s lip. He was equally faced by the question that he should cancel the communiqué that prohibited movement of people and properties at late nights . He said he will do so and pleaded that people should send their children back to school.

Minister Atanga Nji Paul has just proven that he was highly prepared to assume duty as minister of territorial administration before his appointment.During the visit,  he was spotted with peace plant which is a symbol of peace. Anglophones became wondering if it was not thesame peace plant they had used to demonstrate a peaceful protest and were beaten by the forces of law? What an irony! 

An unexplainable scenario was witnessed during his visit as we see images of some men of God with him. Rev Dieudonne,Apostle John chi,Apostle Divine Okafor and many  other eminent personalities were spotted with him.  We simply concluded God is touching souls , if Mr Atanga Nji Paul could seek first these men of God to see how lasting solutions could be drawn to put an end to the crisis. Our eyes are still glue on John Chi to discover the outcome of their discussions. What are your thoughts about this? Stay connected with E KWAT TV for all updates.

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