Montess’ Afrima award, considered as the biggest scam in Central Africa.


The Afrima awards has come and gone but the memories of the ceremony will still remain in the minds of fans. Many people applauded the victory of their favourites while other showed sad faces when their favourites didn’t get one of the most prestigious prices in Africa. Then there are these group people who shouted “foul” when the award was given to an artist who did not merit it. This is the case with camer’s singer, Montess.

Yesterday, October 12, the biggest music award “Afrima award” took place in Lagos Nigeria and Cameroon was heavenly represented in servral categories, one of them was “Best Male/Female artist in Central Africa”. Its in these categories that Locko and Montess came back with a trophy.

If Locko’s victory was celebrated and applauded by music lovers, Montess’ own brought a lot of criticism. Many wondered how Montess managed to beat Reniss and Daphne in this category. Camer artist Salatiel said “…we all know the inside of this Scam…”. Even thought he didn’t precise the artist in question, fans pointed their fingers toward Montess. Camer blogger, Atome Rapobaticien wrote ” …they have to explain to us by which magic(corruption) Montess managed to get an Afrima in front of Daphne…” Its like many cameroonians discovered Montess after her Afrima victory in Lagos.

Daphne’s lost is considered as pyrite victory to many and Montess’ victory is considered as a scam. Any how 237 is proud of Montess and Locko .

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