Movie: Billy Bob Ndive Lifongo drops the official Trailer of the most anticipated Movie “Little Cindy”. Watch


The Cameroon movie industry is gradually printing her name as one of the best industries in Africa. Recent movies like “A Good Time To Divorce”, “A Man For The Weekend” ,”Shrill” etc gives hope to movie lovers in Cameroon. As from today, Cameroonians will have the opportunity to watch one of the most anticipated Movies titled “Little Cindy”.

The movie was produced by Billy Bob Ndive Lifongo, one of the best Film makers in Cameroon. The official trailer was dropped today today April 1st, on YouTube and in less than two hours, many people have responded positively to it.

The movie is all about a little talented girl called Cindy, who mysteriously dispears from the house during a party organised by her parents. Her father is ready to do anything just to look for his pretty little daughter. The question is, who is behind her disappearance? The answer to this question will be revealed on May 11th during the Premiere in Chariot Hotel Buea.
The movie is made of a wonderful cast like the child actor Mayorchu Stem as Cindy who also featured in “A Good time to Divorce”, Ojong Solange, Libota McDonald, Lino Lovert, Cyndy Emade and other talented Camer actors.

This is a most watch movie. Get a sample of the movie and don’t for get to get their tickets for the premier. 

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