Mr Adrenaline Drops his first short Movie “The Job “. Watch here

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Kamer music directors are gradually moving toward the film industry. After Dr Nkeng Stephens, one of Cameroon’s finest video clip directors Mr Adrenaline just dropped “The Job“, his first ever short movie. 

A movie that portrays the situation of a state ruled by people who think about themselves, tribalist and embezzlers. The main theme “Favouritism” is portrayed in the movie. We see an employer who refuse to give a job “Security guard” to a qualified and energetic guy because he doesn’t have a “god father”.  This guy decides to revenge at the end.

Adrenaline teaches us that

It is honorable to be raised to the throne than to be born to one. By merit not favouritism shall we attain our ends.

The movie has as principal actor one of camer finest models Fonde Collins, col gelam dickson as the boss, Mary candy as the boss’ wife and Mr Adrenalin’s main man Eugene sike.  watch, like, share your thoughts and don’t forget to focus on the subject matter. Get the message behind it.

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