Lyrical Joe Vs Wan Shey on a verbal exercise. Get the juice here

Written by on 12 October 2019

Ghanian rapper by name Lyrical Joe has found the Cameroon hip hop market fruitful for his quick growth. Some days back he dropped a diss track aimed at the entire Cameroon music industry. Other Cameroonian rappers like Young Holiday and a host of others could not let this slide, they all demonstrated their lyrical strength, energy and flow as hip hop prodigal sons of Cameroon. Lyrical Joe in a tweet chat apologized for disrespecting the Cameroon music industry. This was received overwhelmingly with Joy.

The Gold Coast rapper went on research and came up with another diss track aimed directly at Jovi. He titles it “Moment of Truth” the rapper uses some punchlines like ..

You promote your own stupidity than you promote your own music .If we are to line top 10 Kamer artistes 6 of them produce their own beats mix and master by themselves. That’s why your industry can’t grow”

This has sparked up controversy amongst Cameroon entertainers as a majority believe Lyrical Joe is being schooled by someone from the “inside” (Cameroonian) and not just research from Google. While this took media attention, Wan Shey the prodigal son of Cameroon who hails from the Bui community had to add his voice to silent Joe. Remarkable punchlines …

Launching a career based on beefs is an unhealthy complex . We find you entertaining a hustler on the grind

This hard lines from Wan Shey demonstrates his hip hop competence , the pure fluent English , soft velvet voice makes Shey a true poet of this generation . This verbal skill exercise is seen to be quite interesting as it brings in the creativity , and originality in rappers . Is Ghanian rap market penetrative?Check the two rap verses below and tell us what you have in mind.

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