MUSIC: “Speak to the Youths in a Language they will understand” Lil Love [CHANGE]

Written by on 1 April 2020

Kachelly Emmanuel aka Lil Love boldly expresses his musical thoughts in a song he titled “Change” featuring Barin Clif

The song talks about the different issues relating this present era of influence in the two speaking regions of anglophone Cameroon , notably massacre , marginalization ,arm men and milliary brutality , gang violence and the out break of arm civilians fighting each other due to the fact that the Government has brought in measures to use the arm civilians against each other. The song refers to the possibility of leaders with no minds of greed and love for the people .

“I’m watching everything like a movie, politicians out for the money they don’t give a fuck”

Catchy lines in this powerful song titled Change. Theme of sadness , bitterness and disappointment is drawn from the song. Get a cup of coffee, get to a quiet place , watch , listen and have an introspection about the vanity of life. Enjoy it here,

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  1. MbitchiKabba   On   3 April 2020 at 2:44 pm

    This song has a silent voice in it for the youths as it gives them that edge, boldness and ease to express themselves. #Change is truly a song destined for change. Keep it up Lil Love.

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