A “Spy Glass” of school resumption in the NW and SW regions of Cameroon.

Written by on 2 September 2019

Crtv’s statistics says Five to Six million students reopened school today in Cameroon while reports reaching us confirms school resumption in the two regions ended up a Fiasco just like the botch hosting of AFCON 2019.

You will be left in a dumb position after reading some shocking details about how it unfolded in the NW and SW regions of Cameroon. Is politics really a dirty game? Check out facts here.

It is with no doubts the epileptic educational status in the two regions had exposed the young generation of these localities to malpractices including drug abuse, sexual exploitation, trafficking, child marriage, early pregnancy, accompanying trauma and long-lasting emotional distress.After several calls and campaigns for school resumption in the two regions of Cameroon, a majority of elites in the Anglophone community still believe that school resumption will be evidence that the situation in the two regions has ‘normalized’. According to them successful back to school will oppose any possible United Nations intervention.

Today the 2nd of September, 2019, gun shots were repeatedly heard in several parts of Bamenda in the morning hours. The town was reported practically empty and only few students could be spotted at GBHS Bamenda at Up Station.

A close source hinted ekwattv of effective School resumption in Nkambe of the Donga Mantung Division .They authoritatively told us that some pupils and students of nursery, primary and secondary schools in Nkambe town in the North West region of Cameroon had received lectures this morning. The fearless students and parents of this locality did not heed to any form of threats of attacks from separatist fighters.At Government Bilingual High School Nkambe, Government Technical High School Nkambe and several others both private and public primary schools around the town, students and pupils were seen waxing joyously on streets to their various established institutions . The Senior Divisional Officer of Donga Manting, Simon Nkwenti Ndoh had given assurances of effective school resumption and equally said there shall be nothing as ghost town in his area of command. He concluded that school resumption shall be hitch free in the entire Division . Mr Ngala Gerard a Nkambe indigene who strongly holds tight to his political stance was seen today broadcasting live on Facebook images of school resumption in Nkambe . You might want to follow him up for more details..

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The Bui Division of the NW region heeded to threats from separatists and not even a “Chicken” was seen on street apart from helicopters pictured in the sky flying to the Donga Mantung Division.GBHS Mbengwi of the Momo Division, North West Region was equally reportedly empty as all streets were deserted and no parent willing to risk the life of his/her child for education.Douala and its own drama! The heavy down pour in the early morning hours left the roads heavily flooded, as the infiltration rate was already attained and water found its way to the roads rather than to the gutters. Students were seen swimming in the poles , finding their ways to their various schools. This image was captured at the road leading to Government Bilingual High School Mabanda at Douala Four.South West region Governor and Mayor Ekema Patrick on their part did all for a timid school resumption in the region. This saw a few pupils and students in classes.

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Education is a fundamental human right and every individual should not be exempted from it however, with the numerous live claims as a result of the crisis, do you think any school resumption campaign in these two regions will mean a back to normalcy and the Anglophone Crisis to stand still? Do you share the view a school resumption will only mean risking lives of the innocent youths? What could be the way forward? Share your opinion with us and thanks for reading . @Ekwattv is back officially to guide and update you .

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