Ambazonia General appear and make demands at the National Dialogue.

Written by on 2 October 2019

This afternoon, the Spoke person of the National Dialogue announced that five separatist fighters decided to drop their weapons and take part in the National Dialogue. They are;

– General Capture and Destroy
– Commander Kusi
– Ezemo Custodian of Shrine
– No Mercy
– Commander Champion

General Capture Destroy said he was send by his fellow Generals to come and represent them on the dialogue table.

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“If we fail to put this thing to an end, we will all suffer; we will see how our children are killing themselves…I’m pleading to the Government and Cameroonians of goodwill to see how we can rebuild our nation”

In tears, the General went ahead to make demands like,

– Grant amnesty to activists abroad.

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– Release all arrested.

– We should be given power to manage our resources and vote our administrators.

They will join the others in different comissions put in place to find solutions to the crisis.

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