Anglophone Crisis – North West: The gendarmerie post and the Elecam office in Balikumbat reduced to ashes.

Written by on 25 September 2018

The gendarmerie station and Elections Cameroon (Elecam) branch of Balikumbat , Ngo-Ketunjia division, were attacked on the night of Monday, September 24, 2018, according to security sources in the North-West region. .

These sources report that during this attack an armed group of the separatist movement set fire to the Balikumbat gendarmerie station. The latter was ravaged by flames.

On the Elecam antenna in Balikumbat, the secessionists broke the doors and burned all the documents in the offices.

Balikumbat, a village about 20.9 km from the city of Ndop in the North West Region, is regularly the scene of clashes between the defense forces and armed groups of the secessionist movement. On 4 July, an attack perpetrated by the separatists at the Balikumbat gendarmerie station had left one of the gendarmes dead and another wounded.


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