Buea in great fear as Election approaches tomorrow. Check out what is going on..

Written by on 6 October 2018

The psychological state of the Buea citizens is a tense one following tomorrows election, rumour has it that they might be a possible war tomorrow. Buea the capital of South West region is highly in fear and panic as the area is deserted as many have left the area to comfort zones. Our sources says unknown persons (suspected to be the separatists) are promising war in this urban zone come tomorrow the 7th. We are equally told that Cameroon forces of order are in large number in the city of Buea to ensure the security of the people .

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E kwat is made to understand that, at mile 16 Buea, there are about 800 suspected separatist which has made the police men to thoroughly check Identity Cards of every citizen found in the area and anyone caught without is severely punished. Our sources warns anyone walking around mile 16 to be very watchful as the area is seen as a dangerous zone. Following reports that reached us,We are told that all shops and houses are closed and no one is seen on the street. ACTU Cameroun report also confirms that , a civil society actor reported that the separatist promised to eliminate anyone going out to vote.

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She later on added that “people should not be afraid, nothing should stop people from voting” said the CPDM member. Interestingly Mr Enow Bate a strong member of the CPDM party equally encouraged the people to vote tomorrow and added that he will vote in Mamfe and he is not scared . We pray for a success come tomorrow. Thanks for visiting

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