Elections 2018: Ni John Fru Ndi sincerely criticise Biya’s Moves

Written by on 7 October 2018

The chairman of the main opposition party Social Democratic Front seem to disagree with some actions taken by president Paul Biya lately. During an interview on STv Ni John voiced out his discontentment concerning moves taken by the incumbent president Paul Biya.

He starts by evaluating the unnecessary expenditures by Mr Biya, he says his move to Maroua for campaign with the presidential guards and entourage was wrong and he considers that as wastage of state’s resources. John Fru Ndi equally disagreed with the comfort given to Mr Biya today on his way to Bastos to perform his civic right as a normal citizen but was highly guarded by presidential guards and given extral care . According to Ni John, Mr Biya at this point in time is not the president until results are declared by the constitutional council after 15 days of elections and should not be given such care and attention. He also showed dissatisfaction with the ministers who voted at up station where they were not registered though report says they wrote appeals to ELECAM Bamenda and were rejected but the Grand ELECAM granted them the right. Marcel Niat , president of the senate could not also escape the lips of media houses . “Voting in France goes against the law governing Cameroon” said an equinoxe journalist.

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Cabral Libii complained that two of his party members were kidnapped at Yagoua and according to him, intimidation was at its peak. Above all, elections was smooth and effective in the 10 regions . Stay glue to Ekwat TV for more reports. Thanks for visiting

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