French-speaking activists would consider the use of armed violence in Douala and Yaoundé after the election of October 7th – International Crisis Group.

Written by on 4 October 2018

According to an analysis of the Non-Governmental Organization, these groups still in formation collaborate with the English-speaking separatists.

International Crisis Group published Wednesday, October 3, 2018 a report on the security situation in Cameroon. According to this report, Cameroon is moving on October 7, 2018 to a presidential election at risk.

”  The security situation is volatile, the political climate tense and the economic situation precarious. The country is torn between Boko Haram in the Far North and the conflict in the Anglophone North West and South West  , “says the report.

The Organization believes that the risk of pre- and post-election violence is high in the North-West and South-West regions, ”  but exists in other parts of the country as well  “. At the approach of the presidential election of October 7, ”  the tension is accentuated and the power is radicalized, by privileging the repression and by evoking an international plot with the social and political demands  “.

In the north-west and south-west regions and some localities in the Far North, insecurity could hinder the smooth running of presidential elections, warns the International Crisis Group. The Organization believes that the lack of a ” reliable  ” electoral system and judicial system  is the main obstacle to the smooth running of Sunday’s elections.

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The Belgian organization finds that since 2017, inter-community tensions are developing across Cameroon. ”  On social networks and in the media, journalists, politicians, academics, activists and other civil society actors spread speeches stigmatizing certain ethnic groups  “.

In its report, the International Crisis Group announces that other groups of ” francophone  ” activists are  considering the use of armed violence in Douala and Yaoundé during the electoral period, but especially after the October 7 election. ”  They already have fighters in these two cities, as well as in the western region. These groups still in formation collaborate with the English-speaking separatists. A group of Anglophones and Francophones also have combat units in the West and Douala, and intend to disrupt the vote,  “says International Crisis Group.

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In conclusion, the International Crisis Group indicates that the organization of a national dialogue to resolve the so-called Anglophone crisis should be the priority of the next Government after the deadline of 7 October.

Read full article from International Crisis Group HERE.


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