“I think he was very clear. Keep listening to Nonsense…” – Junior Biya after his father’s speech.

Written by on 11 September 2019

President Paul Biya’s September 10th speech was not an ordinary one. The president of the republic spoke to the Nation on a day different from his traditional 31st December and 10th February. The Anglophone crisis was the main reason he spoke to the Nation last night.

Many people reacted to the President’s 30 minutes speech; some positive and others negative, especially after he announced the birth of a National Dialogue chaired by the Prime Minister and Head of Government Dion Ngute.

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President Paul Biya’s son Junior Biya also reacted to his father’s speech on his Instagram story. He wrote

I think he was very clear. keep listening to nonsense from Internet users on Social Media without any sense of life or without any compassion for your neighbor…

The first son told Cameroonians to be grateful toward the nation, patriots and protect the integrity of Cameroon . Before the speech he said his father will surprise Cameroonians. Did he surprise You?

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