Is calling off 20th May Celebration an indication the president won’t address the Nation?

Written by on 23 April 2020

First time in the history of Cameroon , the national day celebration has been called-off . President Paul Biya and government cancels 20th May Celebration in Cameroon as one of the measures to combat COVID-19 . Social distancing is the order of the day and compulsory face mask wear are all measures to stop the virus.

The Big question and worry is ” Will president Paul Biya in his normal regular tradition appear on the Cameroon radio television on the 20th May Eve to address the Nation ? ”

It has been “lip mouth” (rumoured) that the president had joined his ancestors following his silence since the outbreak of covid-19. The president a week ago officially welcomed the French ambassador at the unity palace . His party militants defended his scarcity and the viral rumour of his dead as an asset of wisdom to brainstorm on right strategies to combat Covid 19.

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The national communications secretary of the popular Action Political Party PAP Fabrice Lena fearlessly says “COVID-19 measures in Cameroon including the boycott of 20th May is accompanied by a hidden Agenda of unveiling the Truth about a defunct government”

Meanwhile the minister of defence had earlier released a communiqué stating the theme of this year’s national day to be “All united in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, for a resilient Cameroon, resolutely turned towards peace, stability and economic development ”.

Doubts now crept minds of Cameroonians if a call-off will mean the president won’t address the Nation come 19th May 2020. While we remain optimistic and hope to see him address the Nation to debunk fake news of his departure to the World of no returns, share your opinion with Us.

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