Paul Biya Promise to crush secessionists after October 7th Victory.

Written by on 29 September 2018

President Paul  Biya  started his campaign in the Far North Region today. A visit many people were not expecting since he declared war on Boko Haram. In his opening speech, the president said, he chose the Far North region because of the high esteem he holds for the region.

He appreciated the worm welcome he received on his arrival in the region. He stated all his achievements in the region especially the elimination of Boko Haram. He thanked the people of the region for their support.

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The president continued by promising social amenities to facilitate the return of displaced people, the improvement of energy supply and the exploitation of minerals in the region. He also promised to revamp the tourism sector, extend the railway line from Ngaoundere to Njamena passing through Kouseri.

Concerning conflicts in the North West and South West regions, the president of the republic promised to crush the so called “Liberators” after October 7th victory.

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The president of the republic was accompanied by his wife Chantal Biya amd some top ranking officials of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM ).

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