Prophet Frank for the October 7 Etoudi battle. Will he win? See reasons

Written by on 15 August 2018

Cameroon is a state where sovereignty rest in the hands of the people . The fast approaching presidential elections scheduled to take place in Cameroon on the 7th of October 2018 is the major vocabulary on the lip of every citizen who admires politics. Prophet Ndofor Afanwi Franklin of the CMCN party seems to be the only candidate that captures attention of Cameroonians following his religious status.

Cameroonians are in a state of dilemma if this presidential aspirant will find his space at Etoudi based on the believe he has a religious understanding of the government and politics. Ndofor had clearly outlined his push force to contest in this journey to Etoudi being “God”. Prophet Frank is so ambitious, courageous and optimistic . Will he make it Come October?

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It is very obvious his Douala church members and other branches within the country will give him maximum support which might give him a victory. Having a second thought, the proliferation of “Living Churches” in Cameroon with jealousy among pastors might cause his failure. Statistics has proven that Most of these newly created churches are often not in unity, each adding a competitive advantage to challenge the other in fight for christians . With the these differences , it might be difficult for Prophet . Again, the absolute majority of today’s christians are the Catholics, presbyterians and Baptists who generally have this hatred for “Newly created churches” which might result to his downfall.

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Never say never! Prophet Frank is perceived as someone who communicates with God and his driven force to contest as he said was God then who is “Man” to oppose? Above all, his political campaign tactics and strategies can gain him supporters couple with the notion a man of God is also contesting, is a plus to his victory. What do you think about this? Will prophet Frank be the next president of Cameroon?

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