The Grand National Dialogue sparks up Mixed Feelings. See Reactions

Written by on 5 October 2019

The grand National dialogue that had commenced on the 30th of September and ended on the 4th of October 2019 seems to be yielding some fruits as aftermaths. The five days discussion at the Congress hall Yaounde has paved the way for positive actions from president of the Republic of Cameroon following a communique he passed ordering the discontinuation of the cases of three hundred and thirty three people still under military surveillance. Even though Cameroonians exclaimed that this will favour only those with misdemeanor cases as controversy still looms amongst the Anglophones knowing Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius and Co’s case falls under Felony. Will they also be released? Doubts still crept minds!

Commissions were set up, deliberations were made and some very sensitive areas were touched .

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Thus, according to the recommendations, there would be a move towards the establishment of a “special status” for the North West and South West regions. However, the authorities state that this “special status” would not make these parts of the country “a country apart or separate regions”. It aims to respect the diversity and specificity of certain national communities.

Bilingualism to be well exercised by top Government officials starting with the president of the Republic in all his speeches to the nation, reintegrating the ex-combatants and internally displaced back in the society and a host of many others.

This has brought up heated arguments amongst some political activists . According to them, decentralisation should not be the major topic for discussion since much energy has been focused on it in the past years. After a tour on social media Mme Kah walla’s reaction caught our attention.

Kah Walla writes:

Cameroon Decentralization Timeline
1991-Decided at Tripartite
1996-Integrated into Constitution
2002-Ministry created to decentralize
2010-Decrees of implementation
2018-New Ministry of Decentralization Created
2019-Grand Dialogue to debate Decentralisation

Opinion leaders and reference groups have been for the opinion that Federalism should be the form of state Cameroon should adopt. Maurice Kamto and 103 others from his political party MRC witnessed a “Free from prison break through” today afternoon at the military court following orders from President Paul Biya. Is these steps and moves from the Cameroon Government guarantee the everlasting peace Cameroon has been longing for? We hope for the best. Thanks for reading through . Read us always

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