Tips for University Freshmen,Welcome to the real world!

Written by on 2 August 2018

Every one who has studied in Cameroon is aware that our educational system is very tough and demanding. The GCE ordinary levels and Advanced levels take a lot of preparation before it is written and some students take a couple of years before their names can be read over the national radio with rest of those who passed the exams. It is always the pride of every parent to hear their child’s name on the radio. This follows with celebration for those who made it and mourning for those who did not.

2018 has been a tough year for our anglophone educational system due to the political unrest in the country since 2016. Some students still braved the storm and made it. Congratulations to them. To those who didn’t, next year you can do it.

This article is for those champions who made it to the university, especially those who are going to be moving out of their parent’s homes for the first time. It’s a tough world out there, but if those who went before you could make it, then you can to.

1.Hold on to your God

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    Most times when we go to the university away from our parents we tend to keep going to church for the first weeks then discover just 1 year later you haven’t been to church in a long time. Keeping close to God keeps you on the right track, it may help you avoid certain bad decisions.

  1. Choose your friends wisely

You will meet different people from different backgrounds, sometimes sticking with your friends secondary school (if any are in your university) could be a safe place. But if you notice your friends don’t have the same priorities as you have, you better stay on your lane. Don’t feel bad, nobody ever died from loosing friends. It may seem like its difficult and you feel odd without them but trust me, everyone has a unique personality and in no time people who have same priorities will gravitate towards you.

  1. Live your best life

Live your best life

University is the funny enough the last time in your life where you won’t have a lot of responsibilities ( of course this doesn’t apply to everybody). After university your responsibilities automatically triple. While you are here, party in moderation, study very hard. Have your priorities right.

  1. Dating

Older students always wait for freshmen, because they are fresh and naive most of the time. Do not believe everything a guy tells you. It’s not a bad thing for someone to tell you how childish you are because you refused to do what they want you to do. That’s just talk. If you must date, take your time and choose a level headed guy that can help you with your studies if it comes to it and somebody whose priorities align with yours. All these hot boys won’t bring you anywhere. Basically just do what your conscience tells you, it’s ok to say no.

  1. Nudes

Sending nude pictures is very common now in our community. Nudes will not make any guy like you more or less.  DO NOT SEND NUDES. They always say, ‘it’s for my eyes alone’, experience has shown that a lie from the pit of hell. Be careful. I know some will still send, ‘hanty’ if you must, hide your face. Your parent’s hearts are fragile, think of them and think of your future.

  1. Playing wife

Do not go to school and become a cook for a guy or for the mini cite, your parents didn’t send you to Uni to do master chef for people, if you cook and decide to invite a few friends over, that’s fine. But don’t go the extra mile cooking, washing cloths and cleaning for a guy you will not even know their whereabouts when you leave school.

  1. Have a plan.

Know what you want to do after school, make sure you go for orientation and understand exactly what course you should choose and what jobs are available for the type of course you are studying. Many people start going to Uni and by year 2, they stop and switch because they probably weren’t well orientated, we don’t want that. Do not follow your friends,choose a univerty that will be great for your feild and not the one were all your friends are found.

  1. Do not compete

Everything that glitters is not gold. When you go to Uni, you’d see flashy girls and guys living flashy lifestyles which can make you want to be like them. Sometimes what they do to get what they have, you can’t cope with it. Stay on your lane and remember getting an education could help you get the lifestyle you want in the future.

University is a very exciting time, make the best of it, get to know people, live your best life, with moderation. Above all, make your grades, graduate, make your parents proud. Welcome to the real world.

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