The Lion Still Breathes? – Updates on President Paul Biya

Written by on 3 February 2018


We published an article addressing the information circulating that the President, President Paul Biya was possibly no more; and if true, there would have been a lot of celebrating, not only in Cameroon but all over Africa. Another dinosaur president to vacate the position of power – an end to the shackles that the people have been confined to. Furthermore, such news if true will also bring a lot of unrest to the country with elections round the corner. (side note: will we even have the time to celebrate? We have elections to focus on, the Ambazonians are on a mission and the Francophones will be scheming on how to remain dominate).


This speculation is becoming another hymnal in Cameroon. Everyone seems to be at the edge of their seat to win a bet or see the realisation of President Paul Biya’s death, and desperate predictions coming to past. To add, what a miserable  legacy to leave behind. Our empathise to those who will be cast aside by association – the President’s wife and children – luckily they have invested the countries money well enough to remain fugitives in another man’s land. Nonetheless, every lion has a place in Cameroon.


Another tabloid already referring to President Paul Biya in “past tense”, yet no confirmations.



We are drawing conclusion for the meantime that the Lion still breathes; possibly he’s health may be deteriorating, but even in a wheel chair, a sick/dying bed, a mental/ old people’s home; as long as the Lion breathes he’s still in power by his unjust will.


The president’s daughter Brenda Biya has been active on Snapchat, giving no hint of bereavement, in fact she’s partying and yolo-ing! In addition, no updates have been given by the national broadcaster CRTV nor the international press/ tabloids.



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