Popular blogger Atome Rapopraticien, blast Daphne on her live performance during the Mutzig Star Final.


The most followed music competition in Cameroon came to an end yesterday December 14th live on many TV channels in Cameroon. Many artists like Dynastie Le Tigre, Dapahne etc were invited to sing in the competition and that was live Music. If Dynastie’s Live performance was appreciated, Daphne’s own didn’t move some music experts. One of them is popular Rapper/Blogger of voila-moi.com Atome Rapopraticien. 

According to the blogger, it was a shame to see that Daphne could not do a live performance. Her performance was very poor compared to the last candidate of the competition. He continued by saying that there is a big difference between the studio and the stage. “…the years didn’t ameliorate her…”he said. He encouraged her to work more on Live performances.

The issue of Live music has been a major debate in the 237 music industry. Salatiel on a Facebook post encouraged camer artists to get more into Live music. Some actors in the music industry think that its expensive to get a ban that will follow you to every show.

We suggest that our artists should be able to adapt in every situation they find themselves in. Getting more into live music will safe them from poor performances.

Vanessa Modjoa emerged winner of the music star competition. She went back home with a cash prize of one million FRS CFA and will record a song with Salatiel.

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