Relationship: Man dumps his wife on honeymoon after seeing her with no make-up for his first time. 

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A Ghanian man was shocked by the appearance of his wife after three days of their wedding. Fashion has come to fix and at same time to destroy. Women tend to embrace facial decoration (make ups) than their natural beauties. This has made some men to be lust by their appearances, though some men are becoming conscious .

A 40 year old man by name Benard  divorced  his 35 year old wife just because she did not look  as pretty as she used to be. The young handsome man accused her lady for deceiving him with exaggerated cosmetics including fake eye lashes. After spending huge sums for their wedding, the poor guy cried for have made a mistake of marrying an ugly girl . Ghanian report says mr Benard is presently in the hospital seeking for medical attention due to the financial waste for the wedding .

We do not blame the girl but ladies have to also ensure they walk around make up free so that guys see their natural beauties. Some hide under cosmetic canopies and seduce guys who fall for them unknowingly. Ladies should not be completely blame for what they choose to look beautiful and better. No creature is ugly as some religions explain, but physical appearance of a person matters and describes how neat and clean you can be. What are your thoughts about the recent make up trend in the World? 

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