Sawa Hotel Attack/Video: Unidentified arm men create panic in the Sawa Hotel in Douala. 


We just receive reports of an attack in the prestigious Sawa Hotel in Douala. According to our sources, five men stormed the hotel and open fire. 

Elements of the rapid intervention batalion, Genderms and Police had to intervene before calm was restored. For the moment, we don’t know the identities of the shooters and their motive. We were told that, high ranking personalities were found in the hotel at that moment.

According to prince Nfor Hansen, the attackers came for the Mayor of Buea. A man who looks like the lord mayor, taken away by some genderms is currently cerculating online. Watch video below. 

Click: Sawa Hotel Attack 1

Below is another video of police intervention. 

Click: Sawa Hotel Attack 2

The French Embassy called on her nationals to avoid Bonanjo where the Hotel is situated. 

According to Equinox Tv, guns were discovered at the Bonaberi motor park inside a bag of plantains. According to reports, the bag was heading to Kumba. Investigations are currently going on.

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