Second wife poisons husband for planning to marry a third wife.


Inhabitants of quartier Fret in Douala woke up yesterday April 18th with a shocking news in their neighbourhood. A woman poisoned her husband for planning to marry a third wife. 

The lady who is from Ngaoundere is actually the second wife to Labarang who is a lorry driver also from Ngaoundere. The man revealed plans of bringing a third wife which brought tension between the couple. The lady decided to put poison in the man’s food on April 17th.  

According to eye witnesses, the man told his relatives that he was not feeling after eating the food. The remaining meal was given to the dog, who died 5 minutes later. The man was rushed to a hospital, who eventually died in the arms of his daughter, nurse in that hospital. 

The furious population wanted to apply jungle justice on the woman but was only protected by gendermes. The man was buried immediately following the Muslim tradition and investigations are currently going on.

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