Relationship gist: Woman bites her boy friend’s tongue after a break up kiss.

Written by on 15 September 2018

Wonders shall never end! Just when we thought we have seen It all, news keeps “dripping” from all corners. It is really funny how a woman was reported to have bitten her boy friend’s tongue and refused to let go after a break up kiss. This Ghanian lady by name Miriam fell in love with a Chinese guy whose name was not disclosed to Ekwat. Their relationship was highly admired and envied by all. They both reside in China until the guy caught Miriam cheating with another guy and requested for a break up.

Miriam was so in love with her boy friend but could not explain what had made her cheat on him . After receiving notice from her guy for a break up, Miriam went mad and wild . She quickly held her boy friend for kiss but her guy was not comfortable following what he just saw. In an attempt by her boy friend to run away, Miriam kissed him and almost cut off his tongue.

Observers were all keen to the act and felt pity for the innocent Chinese guy and immediately signaled police attention. Police rapid appearance on scene saved the life of the poor Chinese guy . Miriam’s action made everyone to believe she went mad as she was still undergoing the trauma of the relationship break. She was rushed to a near by hospital in China and after examining her, it was discovered that she is mentally not alright. Our reporter did not disclose to us the guy’s name and we are still carefully following up this story, shall update you on any further moves. In your opinion who was right? The guy or Miriam ? Thoughts!

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