10 Female African comedians who deserve a mention

Written by on 17 August 2018

Comedy refers to any discourse or work generally intended to be humorous or amusing by inducing laughter, especially in theatre, television, film, stand-up comedy, or any other medium of entertainment. No matter your mood, there’s nothing like a good laugh to bring your day back to the bright side.

From the early comedy of Nipsey Russell, Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby to the contemporary routines of Steve Harvey,Mo’Nique, Chris Rock, Wanda Sykes, Craig Robinson, Maya Rudolph and Dave Chappelle, black comedians have often used their wit to become the voice and face of the African-American experience.

Today we are going to be celebrating African comedians, more specifically female African comedians. This is a milieu which has been dominated by the male gender with the likes of A.Y of Nigeria, Moustik le karismatik of Cameroon, Trevor Noah of South Africa and a host of others. We want to mention those ladies who are cracking up our rips and doing so with a beat face and stilettos.

  1. Anne Kansiime

Kansiime Kubiryaba Anne is a Ugandan comedian and actress. Many people got to discover her through her youtube videos when she did her show ‘Don’t mess with Kansiime Tv show’.  Kansiime has be seen on stages in Lagos, London, and Harare. Ann says in interview ”Sometimes I’m shocked by the things I pull off on stage and I end up laughing at myself”.

Watch Kansiime’s video here.


2. Hieress Jacinta


Jacinta is refered to as the first and only Ghanaian comedian. She originates from both Nigeria and Ghana so she calls herself a Ghagerian proudly relating to both her origins. she got her exposure when she was 19 years old when she met Nigerian comedian Buchi who gave her 10 mins which were the live changing 10 mins of her live. When she was asked about the man of her dreams she said “ My ideal man should be God fearing, humble and rich…”

Her mother was very instrumental in pushing her to follow her dreams and she does that with a smile. Her jokes are very relatable and will leave you cracking up. Beautiful, curvy and confident.

watch Jacinta’s comedy here.


3. Lihle Lindzy Msimang

lihle msimang

Lihle is a South African stand up comedian and actress, she has shared stages with international acts such as Mark Curry, Mark Eddie, Mike Loftus and Pablo Fransisco, Lihle has already performed in shows such as the Nandos Comedy Festival, Soweto Comedy Festival, Opening Guys Live Show, and The Triple O Comedy Jam, and just to name a few.

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Most recently she is doing her own comedy skits on YouTube called ‘Take a drive with Lihle’.

She is definitely going to make you laughing away all the wrinkles off your face

Watch Lihle Msimang’s comedy here.




4. Murielle Kamcheu and Marcelle Kuetche

Popularly known as Pakgne, Murielle and Marcelle have put the Cameroonian comedy scene on the map. They’ve culminated millions of views on YouTube with their funny skits which relate to the day to day life of the average Cameroonian.

They rescently signed a contract with Vox Africa estimated at about 100 million Francs CFA. Murielle is also a singer while Marcelle is an actress, she has done a resent skit called ‘‘ Ma relations a distance” with Jojo le comedien

Watch Pakgne here.

5. Yvonne Akono

Yvonne Akono, popularly known as Ruby is  Cameroonian stand up and web comedian based in France. Her first steps in the comedy scene was in the series ‘Les aventures Kamoises’ then she went on to produce her own web series ‘Collocations entre filles’. She does several stand up shows in France as well as her skits on her YouTube page and on Instagram too.

Watch Yvonne Akono’s comedy here.


6. Fatima Dhowre

Fatima Dhowre

Fatima Dhowre is a Somalian comedian based in Vancouver. She ia also an actress as she has featured in a couple of movies SOS , Golden futures and Tinder suprise. She loves to make jokes about her curvy nature and her home land Somalia. Her sister whom she mentions is nicknamed ‘Long butt’ is Sabrina Dhowre who is now engaged to Idris Elba. Did he come for her camels?

Watch Fatima Dhowre’s comedy here.


7. Gloria (Maraji) Oloruntobi


Maraji as she is popularly known is a well known instagram influencer and skit comedian. She started by doing lip sync videos out of boredom while in univeristy in Nigeria which is her country of origin and when that made her gain an audience to her suprise, she began making funny skits, dance videos, and eve makeup tutorials. She can take the most basic moment in our everyday lives and turn it to the most most hilarious event ever.

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Watch Maraji’s skits here.




8. Emmanuella Samuel

Emmanuella Samuel

Emmanuella Samuel was born in Nigeria.  She gained fame with her appearance on the Mark Angel comedy video My Real Face. Emanuella is the youngest on our list but her comedy knows no age as both the young and the old can relate to her work. can be seen in numerous skits on Facebook and YouTube. She also landed a role in a world disney Hollywood movie titled ”Survive or die”. The future sure is bright for this young talent.

Watch Emmanuella’s comedy here.

9. Gina Obedapo Yashere

Gina yashere

Yashere is a British-born stand-up comedian of Nigerian descent. She changed her name to Yashere due to the fact that many people mispronounced Obedapo. In 2007, Yashere appeared on The Last Comic Standing but was quickly eliminated.  In 2008, she became the first Briton to appear on Def Comedy Jam. She since has appeared on The Tonight Show With Conan O’ Brian, and Live at the Apollo. In 2017, Yashere became the British correspondent for The Daily Show.

Watch Gina’s comedy here.


10. Vanessa Caixeiro

vanessa caixeiro

Vanessa is of mixed origins Angolan, Congolese and Portuguese . This has constibuted to her multiblingualism. she speaks for languages French, English, Lingala and Portuguese. She is very popular for her instagram skits.

Last year she started her talk show called ‘The Caixeiro show’ hosted by her humble self. She is inpired by her everyday life hurdles and experiences to do her skits which are on her social meida pages.

Watch Vanessa’s comedy here.




This list is not in any way representing all our beautiful female comedians in Africa, we have many more who are worth celebrating and showcasing. If your favourite female comedian did not make our list, comment their name below.




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