Buea Socialite T-Pana Wynchester accused of Wearing Fake Balenciaga Sneakers.

Written by on 21 January 2018

Its easy to spot designer shoes in buea with Chinese or fake shoes litter everywhere in the market. Seeing a celeb putting on fake designer shoes is a call for cencern. Netizens are accusing two buea base socialites of Wearing fake Balenciagas.

T-Pana Wynchester who is a Video Vixen and  Mell Champion Gibson who is a fitness  instructor are accused of wearing fake Balenciagas. Both men are known for their incredible sense of style but discovering them with fake sneakers pushed Netizens to cry foul. Many people have been reacting  to the said scandal and one of them is Victor Kange of 237showbiz. He posted this on Facebook.

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Dulafe Valery who is a journalist came in to support T-Pana with the post below.

People have been advicing these socialites to purchase what their Wallets can afford and not fake things. In Jovi’s voice “All thing na Moshung”

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