Bukki Ojo, Turning your gap year into a success

Written by on 18 August 2014

If anyone is clueless about going to uni or taking a gap year, have a look at what others have done/ doing.

Bukki is a clothing line with a twist. It dabbles with the art of patterns by combining vintage denim with trendy African patterns together to produce hot, stylish and innovative clothing. Bukki Clothing is all about the promotion of merging cultures through fashion and transforming the associations of traditional African print by giving it a more modern approach. Bukki Clothing has also been promoted and worn by several celebrities, including; Banky W, Davido and Boj, to name a few.

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Bukki Clothing emerged in 2012 by African born London based designer, Bukki Ojo, at the age of 18, during her gap year. She faced a challenges, like anyone else in business, however, Bukki managed to fight through and land a place on the ‘Fashion’s finest’ at the ‘London Fashion Week’ in 2012. We’re glad she didn’t give up at any point, otherwise these beautiful designs wouldn’t be available for us to strut our stuff in.

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Bukki Clothing has also teamed up with Topshop + Topman to have their clothing sold at the store; and online at Asos market place; which benefits us for easier access; cha-ching! If you’re looking for a melange of modern and traditional clothing to wear at incredibly affordable prices, I would suggest you go and check them out; ASAP! We are also eagerly waiting for new collection from Bukki! =)

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