Caroline Nseke Miss Cameroon 2018 explains in a communiqué why she could not sing the national anthem well. See below

Written by on 19 January 2018

After being mocked online for none mastery of the Cameroon national anthem , Caroline Aimee NSEKE, Miss Cameroon 2018 came out clear without any fear to clarify the public and wipe out  the shame.”Yes I admit it and recognize it willingly … I still have not had the opportunity to regularly sing the national anthem and therefore to master perfectly the words “

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The Miss Cameroon 2018 tries, in a communique, an explanation about the video showing it stammer the words of the national anthem.”… But the spirit of leadership that animates me and the love I have for my country have led me since to correct not only this failure but also to impregnate me more of the socio-cultural realities of Cameroon”  many say she is from switzerland but that was just an online rumour research is still going on to see how accurate and true the rumour is. See communiqué below

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