Dr Nkeng Stephen began his journey as a professional Video director with Vivid Smith

Written by on 18 March 2020

Dr. Nkeng Stephen is inarguably one of Cameroon’s finest Camera jockeys and one of those whose works has over time caught the attention of a thousand Africans who follow up showbiz keenly.

Our finding reveals his father had wished he becomes a medical doctor but Nkeng decided to pause his studies to follow his passion which is today paying him well.

Original Makossa performed by Vivid Smith and Abztrumental five years ago (2015) under Realm Squad was Dr. Nkeng Stephen’s first professional video and the first to play on Trace Africa . During this period, the Cameroon music market was still very small and little interest was given to this sector. Just when Original Makossa was making news on the main music channel “Trace”, Vivid Smith and Abz dropped “Chop no dey” , which equally followed same path.

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Nkeng Stephen , Vivid Smith and Abz had together defined what we commonly refer to as “Professionalism” in music business and it is of course the dream of every entertainer to see them climb this same ladder together for better great things .

The “Na so” project brought back Vivid to the game which saw his first single “My love” feature on Afro Nation United Kingdom as the 5th song on their play list with other top great African musicians . After the “Na so” project , Vivid Smith has done over five music collaborations with Tzy Panchak which discloses that team spirit in him . Vivid Smith has distinguish himself from others , he has a lyrical identity as a “Love” Musician who expresses more often his affections to whom he loves which is today used by most lovers during cool moments . From “Remember Love” under Neat Mane production to “My Love” , “C’est pas le njangsang” under Indomitable Lions Entertainment where he is currently signed. This brings out his musical identity and uniqueness.

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Nkeng Stephen is a blessing to the Cameroon music industry from a song writer, to a singer and today a reputable music video director. Do you think Nkeng Stephen paved the way for the two mentioned above or the two in Collaboration with Nkeng found their video played on Trace Africa? How do you think this same positive energy be maintained ?

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