Is Alpha Better Records dissolving ? What went wrong ?

Written by on 6 November 2019

Salatiel , Mr Leo , Blaise B and Askia have fought relentlessly to see that this record label’s growth be evitable.

You could not talk of any record label in Cameroon without mentioning Alpha Better Records. The team work, team spirit and solidarity with amazing quality music releases was the case in the years back. What has actually gone wrong ?

To a local man on street, he would say when a man gets married, he delivers children and those children get their independence in future . To him that’s progress like Mr Leo gave birth to Lionns Production, his newly created label and delivered children like Gomez and Kameni. Blaise B as “Akwandor“, a producer on its own and same time artist , while Salatiel the main brain of the ABR (Alpha Better Records) remains independent and now focussing more on himself to win the international market and Askia on her own path independently working on her Bag series, exposing more talents . Is this growth?

Yes of course one would say its growth because all are striving for a better tomorrow . Is ABR still the one we knew about yesterday ?

Salatiel is to drop a nine track album titled African represented and from the album’s cover , no Alpha Better Record artist featured nor an upcoming artist . This happened just after his collaboration with Beyoncé. In a video Salatiel said he wants to focus more on himself now . Mr Leo has been silent for some months now without a musical release something that would barely happen in the past. Though he dropped a song titled “Patron” but it did not really make wave as compared to his past projects . Is everything really okay with ABR family ?


After Burna Boy featured on Beyoncé’s album he immediately launched his Album “African Giant” and did a lot of shows, which has kept him trending and which is a perfect strategy for him as he remains relevant and in the spotlights . Strategizing is what has killed Cameroonian artists. After Salatiels’ feature, he waited for sometime before hoping to release his album which saw no Cameroonian artist as part and he openly said he is not the first in Cameroon to do an album without a feature and fans immediately tried relating it to Jovi’s “God Don Kam” album. Is Salatiel trying to put himself forward for the moment before bringing others in or is it just a mere strategy ?

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Is Alpha Better Records still the Alpha Better Records of Yesterday ?

I ponder sincerely if there is a measuring rod to determine an artist progress working with a team or working independently. Askia is currently working independently and has gotten admiration just within short notice . Her Bag Series that features upcoming talents is highly appreciated. Leo’s Lion production with Gomez and Kameni as front line artists has gotten Leo some admiration and fans. Salatiel’s going international has broaden his audience and Blaise B is still keeping to consistency with his releases and as Akwandor beat maker but is that team spirit and the dope tracks Alpha Better Records used to give us still the case ?

To better comprehend this, Salatiel the Alpha Better Record boss should try to see how the Solidarity be maintained for better productive songs while each works independently . We appreciate Salatiel for bringing up artists who have brought up other promising artists which is already a good thing for the industry. We wish them well. Read us always for better contents .

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