“Is that Ndimofor Pascal? Leave before I meet you there” Jovi sort-out Pascal from crowd while on Stage.

Written by on 1 December 2019

The Cameroon entertainment industry penned down three land mark events on the 30th of November 2019 in Douala. The Douala Music Art Festival (DOMAF) , Askia’s Bag series concert, and Une Journée Avec Ma Star (UJAMS) .

Musical enthusiasts who came from far and near were into war with their brains on which to behear . Since Man is an indivisible creature, choice was the only option .

Ekwattv team arrived the DOMAF concert ground at exactly 11 pm which saw some very creative vibrant acts on stage exhibiting their innate talents.

New Bell Music main act , Jovi Le Monstre jumped on stage at around 12: 45 a.m prompt . A loud burst of estimable noise was heard from a huge crowd of “Mboko gang” dominance . An authentic, lubish and uncounterfeit Love was demonstrated by his staunch supporters as they screamed ” Mboko god” .

The professional “DJ” for this night’s event tactfully dwelt into some old time exceptional street mbanga songs of Jovi. Which saw the excited mboko crowd rap along with him. The propitious and favourable countenance of this crew gave the New bell music “hip hoper ” an extra courage as he was euphoric and exultant to thrill the hungry music crowd with his rich music works through out the night.

Famous, prolific and talented Tata of New Bell was introduced on stage which saw him perform two songs. His cultural stance was evitable from his lyrics . What actually startled the mass was the fact that Francophones could rap in Tata’s Limbum language. Is there any Language for good music? . Just when he wanted to step out from stage his hungry fans were shouting in request of “Run mop” a song he released few months ago. Tata’s back up by the crowd gave anyone who attended the concert to reach a consensus music is more enjoyable when the street receives it with joy .

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Shaku a new vibrant New Bell act , appeared on stage , his classy outfit left a thousand females at the show “Baying” for Vuvuzela which was one of his very powerful emotional song he triumphantly stormed and invaded the music market with . The tactful but intelligent professional “DJ” then rather twin to this young guy’s latest jam “Samira” which then saw Jovi in a state of higher energy . It was indeed a perfect Strategy to promote the newest song in the label .

There became a moment, when Jovi was quite keen to his audience, Ndimofor Pascal aka Yung King could be spotted by Jovi from a thousand crowd. His words

“Is that Ndimofor Pascal, leave before I meet you there. . Where are the Bounceres ? Take him out of here “

That strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism was seen in Jovi, but his manager successfully calmed him on stage and Pascal quietly walked out of the events main gate. Pascal had mixed feelings from his facial expression , you won’t tell if he was to yell or was actually just flexing the muscles of both ends of his mouth (Smiling) . .

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The atmosphere was tensed and tension mounted which saw this ekwattv publisher Ndicho Boris out of the event’s gate to observe the situation. Big G Baba was at that time with Pascal and was coaching him to get back into the event’s ground. These were his words.

” Pascal you don pay your ticket nor? You kam for support Jovi nor? ” Then weti co make u comot outside ?

Pascal then was held in by Big G Baba and they did not make up to three minutes and left. It is but imperative to note that Big G is on a very good footing with Jovi , it was quite shocking, seeing him coached Pascal to get into the event ground after when Jovi had expressed with a lot of anger of not wanting to see him during his performance. It would have caused more harm than good as Pascal got in following sife comments from a group of boys who were exclaiming from an angle “If Pascal try enter we co kill yi” .

Jovi and Pascal are all phenomenal rappers Cameroon will ever have . It is the duty of anyone with an objective mindset and optimism to fight endlessly to see these two rappers in unity again than fanning the flames of the already burning fire. . What do you think should be done to see these two artistes back again together for a better Cameroonian rap music ? Read us always .

Reader's opinions
  1. Boris   On   2 December 2019 at 11:01 pm

    Dat’s de humiliation u get when u haven’t got any late bars to your name..
    Its for pascal to come up nw enter studio di make bars massa
    Make e learn
    What happened
    Ya fire don quench na quench or na hw
    Na jovi be get ya firewood massa.???
    Be de rapper that we knw
    Not de social media person

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