King of Afropop 2face's The Ascension Album sales record on the Billboard!

Written by on 1 August 2014

***singing*** You are my African Queen, girl of my dreams…


Welcome everyone, I hope that you’re having a nice day! If you are, well it’s going to get even better, and if you’re not, well, 2Face Idibia will surely turn that frown around.

For those of you that don’t know who 2Face is, he is a Nigerian music artist known for his exquisite music style. Interesting fact: If you ever wondered why he goes by the name ‘2Face’, In an interview with BBC, 2face revealed, that it refers to his outside and his inside: “When you first see me, you see the outside but when you get to know me, you see the inside.” I can hear you all squealing ‘Awwh’ behind your computer screens; don’t worry, we did too!

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2face has worked with many of Africa’s finest, such as P-Square, D’banj and Bridget Kelly, to name a few. His music is widely known across the African nation and the diaspora. Does the phrase ‘African Queen’ stir some memories within you? Don’t fret though people, we’re not going to dwell on his past music because the 2face has released a new album called The Ascension. Bill-board records notes 2face’s album The Ascension, one of the top selling albums upon it release, taking the number 12 spot.

In my humble opinion, some of the songs on the album aren’t too my taste, purely because they’re a little too techno, but it has some redeemable qualities. Some of the songs on the album are so hot that it makes me forget about the ones that I don’t fancy. We liked; ‘Go’ feat Micheal Montana; ‘Not a surprise’ and ‘Lesse Passe’.

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2Face has chosen to give The Ascension his traditional African/Nigerian vibe with a fusion of Caribbean, reggae. And if I’m being honest, that is what makes the album such a success! He hasn’t stuck to expectations, but rather he has mixed it up a little to surprise us all.

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