List of Top Five under rated artistes in Cameroon. See why they should be qualified established artistes.

Written by on 31 October 2019

There’s something else which enters an artist’s life before success does “Maturity” . Once an artist starts treating his work in a professional way and surrenders himself to his art, success follows him. How will you know you are becoming a successful artist ?

You achieve a state of peace when your only focus remains creating something better than what you have created before. Your up most priority is focusing on creating something meaningful. Your writing mechanics and ability to touch key or sensitive societal issues and put it in a more enjoyable way and not just singing for pleasure . Those are signs of maturity .It’s true success is rated by consumers of your music (fans) and not you the artist.

Why is it so difficult to rate artistes these days as “Established artists?We have seen artist like Tzy Panchak even though he was well known in the Anglophone community but was still unpopular amongst the Francophones . Stanley Enow broadened his fan base by featuring him on “My Way project” which saw his popularity in the French zones of Cameroon. We have equally seen D’yslike aka Gbish Gbish who popped up from a corner with just a freestyle and won the hearts of Cameroonians with little promotion. These are people who’s stars were ordained from birth . We have seen Vernyuy Tina , Cleo Grae , Vivid Smith who are today rated as the best after a feature on the “Na so” project . These are artists who needed just a push for their growth.The problematic here is the under rated nature of some very promising upcoming or mid career artists. Is it EP’s that will give them status of “Established artists” or is it albums that will qualify them this status?.We have been very keen to the internet and can assure you with certainty that Wan Shey, Young Holiday , Lil Love, Nivo Ti and Mr Njei Melodie have all the artistic maturity to be qualified the status of “Established artists”. They have successfully been consistent, relevant and professional . Their lyrical strength, video qualities, and well mixed beats with amazing team of professionals has made them stand out. They have been under rated and should be given their well deserved places in the industry. What do you know about them?

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1 Young Holiday : Young is a conscious rapper with dope concepts, great word play, and makes good use of metaphors. His quick distinct self from the mboko style is evident following his pure soft spoken English with very little pidgin blend. He has been incredible for the past years with two fascinating EPs and an album. Holiweek EP was his first recorded in 2017 and
Worth the Wait EP was the second recorded in 2019 . His works speaks volume, as one will be making a fatal mistake if we fail to acknowledge his efforts in 2019, following the coming of his Emmanuel Album which was a fourteen track album featuring artistes like Blaise B, Meshi, Kim, Liya, Benny Clancy, Mic Monsta, N.A.T, Abzed . You should be curious to know more about him, check his Facebook page, Instagram and you tube by typing Young Holiday. There have been a remarkable growth over the years.2) Wan Shey : It will be a show of ingratitude if anyone of this present generation still under looks the works of Shey. Shey is changing that mental apprehension of hip hop being a western thing by adding cultural values to all his verbal displays . Wuna morning marked his triumphant entry into the musical world. Followed by grass.Wan has recorded two outstanding EPs titled Serene and Chop chair received with a lot of enthusiasm . His “Tribal Marks album” was one of the best in Cameroon with an encouraging digital sale figure. Check his social media pages and be in the light of his musical skill.3) Nivo Ti : Ti is not only talented but the most daring artist in the industry. Affaire Nkap is the title of one of his favorite which is one of the realest street anthems. It paints that everyday reality of life that surrounds every young person, as everyone is all about the money given the fact that the search for money is an inevitable part of daily life. He has raised and mentored lots of younger artists and has been nominated at Beri Awards. “JUST IMAGINE ” is the name of his heart touching EP
released in April 2018
And “SURVIVOR” Album, released in February 2019. We can’t deny the success surrounding him in music. Follow him on his social media handles and tap the fun .4) Lil Love : Lil is phenomenal, professional and focus. Its true someone might want to measure an artist’s degree of success based on EP’s and albums . Lil Love is an exception to that rule. He has three singles out there Come Closer, Il ya quoi a mbeng, and Donner. Each of his songs gives out a powerful take home message. His song titles and lyrics reveals themes of Love, Charity, Development, Hope and Generosity” There is something so particular and peculiar about him, his humility, self integrity and interpersonal skills has made him remained creative and real in his efforts to see our society a better place . Calling him an upcoming artist is a way to outrightly disrespect and under rating his art. Follow him on social media and give yourtestimony .5) Mr Njei Melodie : Among the many who try to do music in Cameroon , Mr Njei Melodie has made a distinction . His level of uniqueness professionalism is his charm. Just like Lil Love, he has no EP or album but three singles out. She says, pa buguru , and Yaweh . He is exceptionally pleasing in his lyrics. He does music that touches the heart . Themes of encouragement, Faith , Hope and Love is what he explains in his songs. He is signed under Moore Empire with a great team to guide him and enable him stay relevant. You must be inquisitive to know more about him, follow his social media pages .We must break the several loopholes hindering artistes from being classified as established artists and bring forth a next generation of other promising ones like the above mentioned to increase the data base of successful artistes in Cameroon. Why not book them for shows? Why not make them brand ambassadors of companies ? What’s the perfect way to encourage those actually making it great in the musical world? Thanks for reading through. Follow e-kwat TV Facebook page for fresh updates.

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