What Makes A Music Good, The Sound Or The Message?

Written by on 4 August 2017

Music Shakespeare says is food for the soul. He definitely was right as man has for centuries relied on music for comfort, counsel, entertainment, knowledge, and health. Did you know that music has spiritual Powers? offcourse as our religious leaders will confirm it is used in almost all religious and spiritual establishment. The benefits of music are immeasurable. Just imagine a day without music!. Some music does’nt necessarily involve a message but the sound tells a story we visualize in our mind. Music is a universal language understood by all. So what makes music so special? the sound or the message? Music is of two major characteristics; the sound and the message.

The sound includes elements like (rhythm, harmony, dynamics, tone, texture, form and melody) and the message well that depends on the author of the sound or the muician.

Back in the day music was all about the message but over time music has evolved drastically from being all about the message to being almost about everything to fashion, the beat, the revenue and the artist and it works a long a you get paid. more of a lifestyle i would say as people’s musical needs have changed.

Could this be as a result of all these other elements incorporated into music these days is overhadowing the part of the art which is the message or is there any message at all, or do people no longer care about the message in songs but the vibe and lifestyle. I believe the message is just as important as the sound as only a Few artists have been blessed with the ability to perfect the two features of music and are celebrated for a life time. But there has always been a silent duel between the two charateristics.

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When we listen to old school artists like 2pac, NAS, Common, Whitney Houston, Maria Carey and new school artists like Adele, kendrick lamar, Taylor Swift, Ne-yo do you see the similarity in their music?. These artists are still celebrated for their unique ability to relay powerful messages in their music whether love , politics, family and life in general and then we have the new generation artist like Nicki minaj, Drake, Rihanna who have made music more of a lifestyle do you see the evolution?

People say the genre of muic matters whether its rap, hip hop, rock, pop, R n B but we will all agree that music can only be iconic if its 2 elements are perfectly blended.

With this new wave of music from the western world, alot of artist are adopting more of the music lifetyle than the art of making good music. This gives the impression that with the right beat, swag and finance you can be a mega artist in no time making the art look cheap. But how long do these type of artists last?

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Music business is just a mind game the way I see it” says a renown Camair Music Producer

“Majority of fans don’t care about the message any more”

“But music with a unique messsage or story will always be appreciated”

“And wen plenty of pple turn to relate with music that is played only in bars artists turn to provide just that type of music cos it will be easy to get on the playlist of DJs in clubs and bars thus promotion for them” he continues

From my perspective, the sound edges message a little, it’s a tool if well utilized would stir any intended emotion. We see the influence in churches, at parties, at rallies but the message is just as important.

Fine music in its true essence is a perfect blend of both.


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