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Hello guys.
Now before I say something, I will love to say I LOVE and RESPECT all Cameroonian models who go NUDE on photo shoots. Just like any other artist, these group of people have decided to brave the challenges that come along with going nude infront of the Camera. Being a new concept in Cameroon and still strange in Africa, many people still see this as a taboo but hey who are we to judge when One model makes it look so simple, classy and sexy? My respects to people such as Nina Mbunwe’, You take it to another level. People were shocked when you posted your first pics but I guess they are getting used to now.
You will be surprised to see me address such a topic but i think it is our duty to talk about this.

Now I woke up today to this picture and I was like “who is this nude lady again? “I thought it was Nina or maybe Ingrid but noooooo it was yet another face. Now from what we know, a photo shoot is to sell a concept to a potential client and buyer.

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In other words A PHOTO MUST HAVE A HISTORY ASSOCIATED to every shoot. Every pose, every smile, every gesture must tell a story. Now some go into modelling because they have understood this concept and yes, are using that as a source of fun, business and income. They have polished themselves too good and became the “professionals” others go into it because……. ” oh well they see others doing. ” I might not have a problem with Nude models because I understand their world because I am in the profession but models, one thing should run on your mind whenever you are to do a photoshoot: what is the concept behind your nudes and what concept are you selling? Is it a bag, drink, underwears etc” Some of you don’t even know it’s a business. Many pose naked and don’t even have a dime out of it. Do you know what the girls in PLAYBOY Magazine earn per session? Here we are posing with no concepts. The moment we don’t deduce a clear meaning from your shoot, then you are in the wrong profession. Let your picture speak. So I ask the family ” What is this picture below SELLING? THE HAIR?” The moment I find difficulties in answering then you are just a naked girl gone wild. Let’s be careful with these two words “Nude Models” and being “NAKED”.learn the rules then go in. You don’t even look happy with the shoot. Respects to my model below. She is called Pamela.
I ask again “YOU DI SELL NA WETTI? ”
Let’s talk.POSITIVELY.

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