Richard Bona calls for a united front of the opposition against Paul Biya.

Written by on 30 September 2018

One of the most celebrated Jazz artist, Richard Bona has made his choice for the October 7th election. As we all know, he will never cast his vote or support the the regime in place. 

In a Facebook post yesterday September 29th, the artist showed support for four opposition leaders; Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM/MRC), Osih Joshua of the Social Democratic Front  (SDF), Carbral Libii of Universe Party and Akere Muna of the NOW Movement. 

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He appreciated their work and that of their team in this year campaign. According to him, only the opposition will safe the people from agony.  He ended by asking a united front among the opposition parties. Below is what he posted.

To my dear Brothers

Akere Muna

Cabral LIBII Officiel

Maurice Kamto

Joshua Osih
Je ne pourrais commencer cette petite note sans vous féliciter et saluer tout le travail abattu jusqu’içi par vous et vos équipes 

Votre dévouement, vision et  leadership à chacun de vous sont exemplaires.
Vous seuls(leaders d’opposition)

pouvez à ce jour libérer ce peuple à l’agonie…

Il s’en souviendra et vous sera à jamais reconnaissant…
Please take a closer look at this,

put your differences aside, and cast a UNITED front work for the people…

And get rid of this looming cloud of destruction that is taking place in Cameroon…
COALITION stills Possible
Good Luck.

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