Stanley vs Enow album spurs up internal music debate. See controversies here.

Written by on 27 November 2019

Is Stanley Enow’s album the most streamed in Cameroon?

With a cool riff , soaring chorus, and rhythmic drumming, Cameroonian international act Stanley Enow finally unveils the long anticipated album titled Stanley vs Enow.

Stanley vs Enow album is a 12 track album, simple but sweet, as he marries great African musical tycoons like Fally Ipupa, Diamond Platinumz,and Ariel Sheney Who have demonstrated their crooning vocals to a symphony of delicate flute notes. Telling the African story in a melodically immersive mannerism.

Musical lovers, critics and analysts have been leaving remarks about this great piece of art. The album’s title “Stanley vs Enow” doesn’t depict a transition through well defined art. How do you title an album Stanley Vs Enow with collaborations inclusive? It rather derail people from the original concept given titles illustrates some degree of conciseness about a whole concept though a majority rather interpreted that, he could be meaning Stanley the rapper and Enow the singer. The big discord is the fact that it doesn’t depicts a transition through well defined art .

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The album’s first track INTRO featuring Martin Camus Mimb is rated above average . Most remarkable and prominent tracks in the album include, Love featuring Fally Ipupa, Complicated, Numero Uno, and My way remix featuring Diamond Platinum .

My way remix is the most ambitious work to date combines glitchy instrumental sounds with a Tanzanian vocalist which eviscerate musical enthusiasts . Fans who have been yearning for anything rap from the mother land empire front line artist left very positive remarks about Numero Uno which is the seventh track off the album.

King Kong’s staunch supporters have been rooting, approbating clamouring and jubilating that the album is the most streamed on Spotify in Cameroon .

Stanley and Fally beats up their chests on the 9th track on a swervy, baleful instrumental with their bravado spilling over listeners . The 9th track which is titled “Love” featuring Fally Ipupa exposes Stanley’s dynamism to flow on any beat. Stanley is currently serving a stretch, as he has teamed up with super star musicians to craft an immersive album that stands the taste of time.


Some are still very disappointed by the lyrical strength of some of the tracks in the album after listening to great albums of other Cameroonian musicians like Magasco’s Heart album, Ambe’s Take off album and Jovi’s God Don Kam album. This sums to a conclusion that Stanley Enow needs a good song writer to perfect his well branded name as a musician to properly represent Cameroon at the international scene. Is Stanley’s album the best in Cameroon as is stands? Share your thoughts with us. We rate it 5.5/10 what about you ?Purchase it here

Stanley vs Enow album

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