Strategies Magasco & other artistes should employ to win a global music market

Written by on 5 November 2019

Magasco cried on social media of Cameroon lacking a music market but got burning talents.Anyone in his right senses will know music is not all about the market but about the strategies you employ to get your art known out there.

Gabon has got Patience Dabany with just a population of 2.1 million . Patience’ s music did not only make wave in Cameroon but has remained fruit for the soul and a legacy we shall all live to reminisce .

Senegalese music is making news amongst the top chad of music in the world with just a population of 15.88million. Check out one of her greatest stars Youssou Ndour.

Jamaica got a population of 2.89 million but her music is everywhere on the globe. Bob Marley remains the Jamaican music icon who made Jamaican music known to the World . You might want to check out the strategy he used .

Cameroon got a population of 25.6million people but her music is still consumed by a few in the world , this will get one pondering that the Cameroonian population is far more better than that of the afore mentioned countries but they are still doing great in music. Cameroonians have to employ strategies other than just art. Only few Cameroonians monetize their you tube channels, very few got knowledge about digital music purchase .

Like it or not, it isn’t just about the music .it’s about getting yourself noticed. If you’re looking for ways to stand out, employ the following ;

Create your own website or get a permanent blogger with a good website

Most artists in Cameroon don’t have websites , A website is very important to any artist who seek progress in music . With a website no matter how small your audience might be, whenever you publish an information about you , your name get index into google search. Rene Immortal a Cameroonian music consultant once said , it helps for your electronic press kit and for article references online and even when developing your artist wikipedia profile , Instagram twitter with the link routing back to the website .

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Meanwhile it also helps optimize your chances to get into festival bookings because most organizers of these festivals do research online about you before they approve you . Even embassies do run an online check when applying for artist visa to travel for a festival or concert .

Look for someone popular and hang-on for a collaboration .

Don’t be surprise that Wax Dey of Calabash music is popular in other countries than some of the artists you consider your best here in Cameroon. His recent Collaboration with Master KG of South Africa will give him a spotlight and a majority of KG’s fans will be converted to his. Stanley Enow has collaborated with great stars like Davido and a host of others and his relevance at the international scene is very evident. Mr Leo’s remix of Jamais jamais with Flavour of Nigeria gained him fans from Nigeria. Salatiel featuring on Beyoncé’s album has paved the way for many opportunities as he is now known.

How do we get to collaborate with these stars?

This should normally be a question running your mind, but you must know someone who know someone to get you to where you want to be. After Setting up a website, if you are confident enough about your art, get to google select great World artist that match your genre and get their emails , write them and plead for “collabos” they will obviously google to check your art, degree of professionalism from your website information on Google they will take you seriously .

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What are you doing at your own local level to win the hearts of music lovers?

No one expects you to support them financially but rather look for a way to lift others as an established artist. Tzy Panchak “na so” project and Askia’s Bag series concert has exposed a lot of Cameroonian talents , which has gained them more fans over time. Helping others paves the way for your quick growth. Everyone will respect these two till eternity . Get under ground, come out with your own scheme, select those with the right talents and give them the spotlights. One might be shy or feel guilty of copying good example from others for fear of being judged to be a copycat. This should not be your preoccupation , copy and bring in your own innovatio. It will leave an impact and add to your artist CV and portfolio for adding more value other than just music.

The Cameroon music market is small and one might likely levy blames on our multinational communication network companies like MTN , ORANGE, NEXTEL for their slow but expensive internet network connectivity that has limited a majority of android users from being connected on a constant base to support moves of artists. This might have contributed too to the poor or low music market in Cameroon. Share your thoughts on this with us. Thanks for reading.

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